With much power comes much responsibility

The research software business is challenging. The bar is always rising – changing regulations, increasing usability standards, more required functionality.

ENABLE is InfoEd Global’s knife to this Gordian Knot.

ENABLE will provide you with access to a fast, highly-functioning and modern research administration operating system –  Quickly and easily manipulate screens and functions (very similar to Batch Comms and eForms). Extremely robust and best-in-class collaboration and workflow tools.

But with much power comes much responsibility.

We have developed many new application components such as:

  • Research Output to GENIUS push
  • COI Custom Templates for Travel Disclosures and Dynamic Submission Types
  • LEDES processing
  • A new Research Portal

If your desires dictate the customization of the features and functions of ENABLE (and your SLA indicates that you can), you’re going to need someone that understands XML and XSLT.

Now, if you or your staff has the skills to create HTML Batch Comms, especially with Javascript, you won’t have any issues “picking up” XML. Plus, there are a ton of websites that offer courses on this stuff. Of course, we can help too.  The Support Team is gearing up for this now.

Very soon we’re going to offer a preview of ENABLE, providing transparency into the process and allowing you to plan on how to take advantage of this robust OS.

The ENABLE Team is happy to provide a demo to any institution that has interest. A demo is a perfect forum for suggestions and Q&A. So, please feel free to reach out to your Customer Support Rep. to schedule a demo on ENABLE.

I am incredibly excited about this new phase of InfoEd software and I am confident you will be too. Strap in. It’s going to be a great ride!

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