Where’s my “Search-within–a-Search” in the New SPIN Quick Search?

Many current SPIN users will quickly notice that the new SPIN Quick Search (QS) does not contain a specific field for “Search-within-a-Search.” That field, which is popular in the older SPIN Search, allows users to drill down into their initial search results through a further text search. Why would we remove such a useful feature in the new SPIN QS?

Simply put – we didn’t! When developing the new SPIN QS we aimed to eliminate difficult and time-consuming step-by-step workflows and create a faster, easier and more immersive experience, while still retaining all of the best features of the original SPIN. How a “Search-within–a-Search” is applied in the new SPIN QS is an excellent example of our marksmanship!

In the new SPIN QS, your original text search is retained on the page and can be modified at any time without removing or resetting any other options or filters. Rather than having to go through what is basically a completely new search, a “Search-within-a-Search” can be accomplished in SPIN QS by simply adding in the additional term(s) to the original text input field at the top of the page.

For example, a search for health sciences can have surgery appended by just adding surgery to the original string. Also, if a complex search has been formulated, you may simply wrap those terms in parentheses to dictate the order of operations, and then append any additional terms to the search input field. For example, a search for (health or medical) devices may be wrapped in an additional set of parentheses (in order to ensure the same order of operations of the search logic) and have the additional term(s) appended to the end of the search. This will accomplish the very same “Search-within-a-Search” functionality that is found in other versions of SPIN Search, but without the additional steps.

SPIN QS is available now to any clients already using the InfoEd web-based SPIN application at http://spinqs.infoed.org/SpinSearch.aspx . Those clients with an installed (local) version of InfoEd can still access the new SPIN QS, but we encourage you to call us or schedule an appointment for log-in instructions and for tips on using the new application.

For a demo or to learn more about these and other features in the new SPIN QS, contact William DeCocco in SPIN Sales at wdecocco@infoed.org or Dave Jetter, SPIN Product Manager, at djetter@infoed.org.

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