v13 eForm Tool

As you are aware, InfoEd has diligently been working toward the release of an update to our eForms tool. We know many of you are looking forward to the V13 eForms, and I am pleased to share that we currently have a tool that retains the functionality of the current eForm tool, improves performance, allows institutions with web development resources to modify the end user’s view of the form, and addresses other areas you have expressed we could grow in.

Some of these changes have a substantial effect on how you will use the eForm tool, so we thought it best to create a “user preview platform” for you to see the product first hand before we put in into a release. In this platform you will be able to see and use the tool, give your feedback, and allow us the opportunity for any tweaks necessary. We feel this is a critical step in making sure that once the eForm tool is delivered, you can take full advantage of all the functionality right away.

Our goal with this preview platform is to provide transparency into the development project and ensure when the eForm tool is delivered, you not only know what to expect and how it will function, but that it meets your needs and expectations.

This approach is another big step forward in our process of bringing everyone closer into the SDLC and growing the collaboration and teamwork between everyone in the InfoEd family.

This will mean institutions will be working with the existing eForm tool a while longer. However, any institution with a desire to participate in the preview platform will be more than welcome. As this period progresses, we will ensure the tool is the simple, robust mechanism that you are looking for.

The eForm Preview Platform will begin September 3rd!

If you would like to participate let your Customer Support representative know so we can arrange for your access.

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