Using Proposal Development for Post Graduate Applications – Using InfoEd Around the World

InfoEd’s Proposal Development (PD) module has as one of its main functions the ability for a researcher to capture his proposal information electronically.  For many offices, the added benefit of PD is that information is then available for administration in Proposal Tracking (PT).

For the South African community, there was a challenge that had been identified and that was the ability to track Post Graduate applications and the progress towards their completion.

So how was this resolved using PD? By using an eForm, making a few small adjustments in the setups and routing, ensuring that the business processes are correct; institutions now have the ability to allow Post Graduate students to complete their applications online and have it reviewed by their supervisors (using routing review). The application will follow the steps of routing and workflow, which are configured based on the institution’s business process, and arrive at the desk of the administrator for management of follow-ups, deliverables and tracking.

With these few small configuration reviews, an institution now has the ability to keep track of its students and their process of proposal development.

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