Updated Guidance on Reporting Departures from the Guide

OLAW has updated guidance on reporting departures from the Guide.  due to questions raised by attendees of the recent OLAW webinar “Departures from the Guide”.  One of the scenarios used as an example of an IACUC-approved departure. After further review, OLAW agreed that the scenario was misclassified and is actually a specifically described Guide exception that is not a departure.

A new webpage has been created to find the updated guidance on Departures from the Guide.   Features of this site include a table of important keywords or “Statement Type” that describes the intent of the regulation; defining what “Should”, “Must”, or “Should or must with exceptions” regulations should mean.  See the table below:

 Guide Deviation Table

Guide Deviation Table

  In addition, a revised FAQ C7, and additional references can be found.

The webinar has been revised and re-recorded. Webinar recordings, transcripts, and slides can be found under Education Resources.  The guidance in NIH Guide Notice NOT-OD-12-148 is unchanged.

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