UIDP Meeting Presentations Available for a Limited Time

All of the presentations are exceptionally informative, and while individuals who were unable to attend the meeting in person will miss the commentary provided by the speakers, many of the concepts can be identified from the slides, and encourage further discussion. 

These meetings have informed the direction of our Technology Transfer and Conflict of Interest modules, as well as some of my recent InfoEdge articles.

Of particular interest are the orientation for visitors and new members, which outlines the function of UIDP and the projects currently undertaken by members, as well as a review of the new PHS guidelines for reporting external interests, given by Dr. Sally Rockey of the National Institutes of Health.

These materials are currently open to the public, but will eventually be restricted to UIDP members.  For more information on UIDP you can visit their website: http://sites.nationalacademies.org/PGA/uidp/index.htm.


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