Tracking Animal Biosafety Levels

As a company with international clients, making compliance modules that work across the world requires knowledge of international rules on human and animal studies and protections. InfoEd compliance modules LA (Laboratory Animals) and AFM (Animal Facility Management) enable users to track the use of animals and follow international standards for animal experimentation. Animal facilities that use specially designed containment areas are classified by the type of hazardous research that takes place.

Facilities are designated as either Animal BioSaftey Levels 1, 2, 3, or 4 (ABSL-1-4) research facilities.

  • ABSL-1 and ABSL-2 areas are where most animal studies take place.
  • ABSL-1 facilities use animals to study normal biology or microbial agents that pose no threat to healthy adults.
  • ABSL-2 facilities are used to study agents that are associated with mild but curable human disease.
  • ABLS-3 facilities are used to house animals that are used to test indigenous or exotic agents that have the potential for aerosol (or airborne) transmission, such as avian influenza, and are potentially lethal.
  • ABSL-4 facilities are used to study agents that cause incurable human diseases and are highly infectious. These facilities deal with the most dangerous and exotic pathogens, including Ebola and smallpox.

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