Tips for Determining the Severity of an I.T.E.M.S. Issue

Another topic we are frequently queried about is how to rate the severity of an issue. This is up to interpretation but we thought it would be helpful if we shared the guidelines that we typically reference.

Critical – An issue that prevents the institution from completing a daily required business process or using the application entirely. Interruption of system use for a critical function.

Example: Error messages (clickbooms) at key entry points, Alert failures, Login issues

High – An issue or error that impedes the business process but there is a work around or is not for a critical daily function.

Example: Error message that occurs on one browser but does not occur on another browser.

Medium – An issue that impedes the business process but does not cause errors, there is a workaround for, or is not a critical function that users typically will bump up against.

Low – An issue that does not impede daily business processes but is bothersome to the user.

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