The DATA Act – Update (HR 2146)

The general opinion regarding the DATA Act seems to be that it is likely to move forward and be passed. Generally speaking, the DATA Act would codify the quarterly reporting initiated for ARRA awards broadening the scope to cover all federal awards and incorporate the FFATA subaward reporting requirements. There is certainly more to it than that – and there remain certain details to be worked out before passage. Lessons learned from ARRA reporting are being carefully considered by those involved in thinking about the DATA act and its potential implementation. It will certainly mean additional work for research administration offices. However, the hope is that this might also lead to less fractured reporting and thus, eventually result in overall less burden. The devil will truly be in the details there.

In anticipation of the DATA Act coming up for a floor vote in the house soon, the current version of the bill has been posted by Rep. Issa. Comments and suggestions to improve the bill can be submitted.

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