ITEMS Client Portal: Where’s that Issue Coming From?

When using the Client Portal, you have the ability to view your issues in a couple of different views:

  • Open
  • Enhancements
  • Action Required
  • Fixes Applied
  • Accepted
  • Closed

You also have the ability to export this view of the issues to Excel and to manipulate the data as needed.

However, the export was missing something that the user interface had: The module in which the issue was occurring! This is not the case any longer. The Module that is selected for the issue is now included in the Excel export in the “Affected Module” column.

Also, we have made a change to the Priorities page that will allow issues to be reviewed at a deeper level. The Priorities page now contains a new field called “Module Filter”. This field will allow the selected issues to be filtered by the module selected by the user.

Additional information about these changes, including screenshots, can be found in the ITEMS Updates section within your client portal.

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