Successes in 2010 for InfoEd

As 2010 draws to a close, it is important for us to look back on this past year and give thanks to our entire customer base, 2010 was indeed a banner year for InfoEd.


  • We sold over 20 new modules last year, both to existing and new clients.
  • We added 21 new SPIN clients last year. SPIN as you know is the largest funding database in the world, with almost 40,000 programs…and it continues to grow.
  • We now have software in use in nine countries around the world… with prospects that will take us to new places in 2011.


  • We installed over 20 new software modules, bringing InfoEd to well over 350 installed systems.
  • The Professional Services team is currently working on implementing over 40 modules for new systems, which are expected to be installed in 2011.
  • Both COI and SPIN Custom are now in production at client sites


  • Eleven clients have embraced the Custom Support packages in 2010.
  • Within six months, we cut our support backlog by 50 percent.
  • The number of reported issues is down by 35 percent within a six-month period.
  • The average turnaround time on open issues has also been cut in half since June, but we know there is still work to be done.


  • We also added 21 positions in support-related areas. One of these positions is a new “Client Care Coordinator” position, which will help us stay in better touch with the needs of our clients.
  • We are also currently hiring for another six positions throughout the company.


To better serve our clients, offer more services and a better end user experience, we have entered into agreement with the following organizations in 2010:

  • Maximus – for Time and Effort
  • Thomson Reuters – for Research Outputs and Genius publication management
  • Strategic Training Solutions – for assisting our client base develop the education materials as part of their implementations
  • Symplectic – for Genius profile management

As 2010, draws to a close, we are thankful for its accomplishments and we are looking forwarded to expanding InfoEd even further in 2011 with the following initiatives:

  • We will be releasing the first round of the “InfoEd University” Educational Curriculum. These interactive Audio/Video courses are designed to cover InfoEd’s basic to “Super User” functionality. Be on the lookout for the promotional information starting in February, with the launch of InfoEd University planned for April.
  • SPIN is undergoing a major overhaul to increase the end-user experience.
  • There is some great new functionality coming in Version 13. Many of you are looking forward to the new and powerful eForm tool, as well as some exciting changes to PD/PT budgeting.
  • InfoEd is moving to a new location with almost double the square footage. Our new office space is going to be newly renovated and will be a spectacular place to work. We hope you will come visit, as it will also have a training center that can accommodate up to 40 people.
  • We will continue our focus on customer service, improving the statistics from 2010.
  • We will continue to focus on industry partnerships that will provide more services and better end user experience.
  • We look forward to the User Group Meeting in 2011, to be held in Saratoga, New York. We are confident those attending will not only get a lot out of the sessions and interactions with the other clients but will also get a chance to enjoy downtown Saratoga.
  • We truly appreciate your support and always welcome your feedback. We completely understand that your success is our success and this is the best measure we can have. We will build on the successes from 2010 and make 2011 an even better year. Thanks again everyone and I hope you prosper with us in 2011.



And not to forget we are a software company… here are some of the highlights this year…

  • EASE & PD/PT Plus
  • Support NIH Adobe B forms (PD)
  • Support NIH Adobe B1 forms (PD)
  • Dynamic S2S (PD)
  • Administrative eForms (All)
  • Threaded routing (All)
  • Pre-Review routing (All)
  • Global SPIN
  • Summary budget output form in PD plus SA budget output forms
  • Custom tab in PD
  • Added inflation option to 424 budgeting in PD
  • Split personnel cost sharing in PD
  • Expanded proposal type options in PD
  • Link new PD to Master Record (PT)
  • Auto (line-by-line) F&A method in PD
  • Breakdown F&A for 424 PDFs (PD)
  • Revised interface for Field Level Security in PT
  • Option to disallow PT access based on proposal status
  • eForm objects for personnel and budget added to PD/PT
  • Enhanced Routing Certification Text Options (All)
  • Enhancements to PD Lite
  • MIC implementations ( RO, TT )
  • Alternate templates in eForms lite (All)
  • External Participant Search Utility (CT)
  • Unlimited Text capability in eForms (All)
  • Merge Fields in Alert eMails (All)
  • CC Delegates in Routing and Alert eMails (All)

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