SPIN Production to Receive Update

InfoEd will be releasing an update to SPIN in several weeks that will represent the direction that the product is heading. The update will be composed of functionality purely focused on searching the SPIN database for funding opportunities. It will include a number of enhancements, only one of them being minimized search and response times. We are employing rich javascript user interface tools to provide powerful and intuitive methods of continuously refining and filtering search results without forcing people to start the searching process over. The text search capabilities will be drastically improved, not only in content being scanned, but also in capabilities, as to be more familiar to users of modern internet search engines, and the application will display the text search logic being employed for each search.

InfoEd will be releasing this update as a technology preview of upcoming enhancements and updates of the entire SPIN Plus software suite. We will be welcoming feedback and input from all members of the InfoEd community. Because of the nature of this release, all of the functionality and features of the currently available software will remain available with no changes. After logging into SPIN at www.infoed.org, you will be able to easily link back to the current system. A similar version of the SPIN Search page will be available in an upcoming release for our administrative clients.

If you have any questions regarding InfoEd SPIN, please contact our product manager, David Jetter at djetter@infoed.org

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