Schedule of Upcoming Webinars

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InfoEd Global Compliance Webinar: Leveraging Program Tools for Compliance

Thursday, August 16th – 2PM EST
Dr. Matthew Tanner, InfoEd Product Manager for Lab Animals and Environmental Health & Safety, and Becca DuBose, InfoEd Product Manager for Clinical Trials and Human Subjects, will review useful functions and “hidden” features found in Program Tools for InfoEd’s Compliance Modules (HS, LA, and EHS). The session format will include demonstration as well as open Q&A with attendees.

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InfoEd Global Webinar: Product Manager Feature Review for 12.803.02

Thursday, August 30th – 2PM EST
During this session each of our Product Managers will review selected features, fixes, and functions related to their functional areas that were included in release 12.803.02. There will be a demonstration portion for this session as well as open Q&A where we encourage attendee participation to network and dialogue with the InfoEd team as well as other members of our user community.

Register Now – 2:00PM – 3:30PM EST


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