Review Board Member Demographics in InfoEd

The memberships of institutional review boards for Human, Animal, and Safety committees are defined by federal and state regulations.  In general, each committee must have a Chair, scientific/physician members, non-scientific members, and community members.  This membership contributes to quorum counts and is critical to the review process that voting members come from differing backgrounds and points of view.

So how do you denote the composition of the committee in the InfoEd modules?  Use the “Review Board Member Demographics” setup option in Codes and Tables in each of the Compliance modules.

Any demographic can be entered, such as Chair, Scientist, Community Member, etc.  Once added, these can be assigned to committee members through the Board Administration setups.  Multiple demographics can be assigned to each person, and if the list of these is more than three demographics, the list will be available behind a “View List” link.

Before running an electronic meeting, it is important to view the list of attendees and determine if the proper representation of members are available to meet quorum.  If the specific regulations are not met, voting outcomes may not be justifiable to governing bodies, and will show a lack of knowledge or adherence to the accepted policies.

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