Resources available from OLAW

Ever looking for more teaching and instructional aids to educate your faculty about appropriate animal care and use?  The NIH website’s OLAW page provides several free educational and resource materials!  Under the Education section, there are numerous listings for Workshops and Conferences, IACUC 101 Series, OLAW Online Seminars, and the Animal Welfare and Scientific Research: 1985 to 2010 Symposium links.  Several of these links navigate to sub-pages that include recorded seminars on a variety of topics, from disaster planning to animal rights activity awareness.

                In addition, there is a Resources section that lists several important areas, including a Tutorial on PHS Policy, Training Videos, Disaster Planning and Response, Useful Links, and several Guidebooks.  The Training video’s section in particular is very useful and provides several courses.  The top two are available as downloads, and the rest require submitting a request for a CD to be mailed:

Of special note, there is a tutorial on writing grants involving animals and 3 VAS Worksheet links to guide users through submitting the Vertebrate Animal Sheet with their grant application.

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