Release Planning

Over the past year there have been a great many discussions within the InfoEd Global community regarding our Version 13 product and ENABLE. We realize this may have triggered some confusion and we would like to provide some clarity.

V12 and V13 are our currently supported software versions. They are both currently at the 803.02 patch/micro patch level. Version 12 will continue to proceed along the patch/micro patch cycle, focusing mainly on maintenance patching, albeit with some limited product enhancements.

V13 will also proceed along the patch/micro patch cycle. 13.803.02, currently available, is our first version 13 release. This release allows customers to use Windows Server 2008, which provides an improvement in upload capabilities due to an upgrade to the ABCPDF component and a reliance on Microsoft Office 2010.

There will be a number of significant product enhancements that will be released throughout the remainder of the V13 lifecycle. While we do not have published dates for these product enhancements, they will include: the budget upgrade, the eform tool upgrade, a portal upgrade, and a compliance module user interface upgrade. As each of these upgrades progress through the software development lifecycle, we will keep our client community up-to-date and provide preview platforms, webinars and other communication channels to ensure they are well understood before they are applied to any customer’s site.

Much of this new upgrade work is being accomplished using InfoEd Global’s ENABLE. This provides an improved technology platform for the system that will be freely available as part of a standard upgrade.

The ENABLE platform will also “open” the system and allow clients the opportunity and ability to integrate and customize the InfoEd delivered system. Integrating with this new open architecture will allow clients to utilize XML and XSLT to deepen their adoption of the system in ways previously impossible. In the coming months, you can expect more communication from InfoEd Global regarding details around licensing, accessing and working with this new open architecture.

We hope this provides a clearer picture around the release plans for V13 and ENABLE. As always, if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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