Recovery Board Chairman Retiring

Earl Devaney, chairman of the Recovery Accountability and Transparency Board (RATB), will step down at the end of 2011. As head of the RATB, Devaney is widely credited with establishing a proactive transparency approach to monitoring the $800 billion federal stimulus effort under the 2009 Recovery Act.

Universities, states, and other recipients of federal stimulus funds through grants and contracts reported on their spending activity through, which then fed this spending data to the public via the website.

Earlier this year, President Obama asked Devaney to lead the Government Accountability and Transparency Board (GATB), created as a created as a cornerstone of the Campaign to Cut Waste. The GATB is also a key component of the DATA Act , legislation that is intended to codify reporting similar to that of the Recovery Act to all federal grants and contracts. The DATA Act is currently working its way through Congress.

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