Recommendation on Creating Batch Communications in Versions Higher Than 12.801.01

Are users seeing unfamiliar characters in their InfoEd Batch Communications?

This could be due to various characters found in the HTML once it has been built if you are creating the Batch Communication using the directions found in the Enterprise Admin manual for general users. InfoEd batch Communications recognize the Character set UTF-8. This character set allows the software to “read” the HTML and push the correct format, font and data to the PDF. When Building Batch Communications for the application many users follow our documentation regarding the initial creation of the template in MS Word. Doing this automatically pushes the Microsoft 1252 character set into the built HTML. Opening the document in notepad will reveal this near the top of the batch comm template. If the template is a basic letter, containing only text, you may be able to remedy this by cutting the “Microsoft = 1252” out of the template and saving the template in the Batch Comm frame within the Admin setups. However, if your template contains further detail, using tables, indents for lists or bullets etc… you may need to make a few changes to how Word saves the Web Page prior to saving and re-opening the letter.

For users using Microsoft Office 2007:

Open the Word Doc > Windows button > Word Options at the bottom of the tool bar > Advanced Tab > scroll down to General > Web Options Button > Encoding Tab > Save this document as “Unicode (UTF-8)” > OK > OK >

Save the document as a Web Page, filtered, click Yes to the popup

Open the saved page with notepad > Copy all HTML > Paste into the frame in PPA Admin Batch communications > Save

Open a PT record > Communications > record letter > select the template > you should now be able to build the letter.

For page breaks you will want to specify a page break in the template you can use:

<p style=”page-break-before: always”>

Where you would like the actual page break.

If there are any additional questions about creating Batch Communications please contact or you are welcome to submit an I.T.E.M.S. ticket!

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