PT Custom Account Number Configuration

Most Proposal Tracking (PT) users are probably familiar with the field near the top of the PT Summary screen that InfoEd calls “Custom Account Number.”

A configuration option to set a custom name for this field is located in PPA Administration > Misc. Setups > Display Options and is shown in figure 2. Thus, each institution may have chosen to name that field differently.

An additional optional configuration feature for this custom number field was released in a recent update (12.802.05). This new option supports automatic numbering with essentially the same options that exist for proposal numbering. The new setup option is located in PPA Admin > Misc. Setups > Custom Account Numbering and is shown in Figure 3.

In addition to choosing between manual and automatic numbering, various configurations for automatic numbering are available including numeric only, next sequence number, or first available, which fills gaps remaining from any edits or deletions. Sequence masking features including Prefix, Date, Separator, and Numeric Sequence Criteria are available.

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