Proposal Development Update: PD Alerts Bundles

InfoEd’s Proposal Development module is constantly evolving. This makes it a challenge to keep up with the latest updates that assure your environment operates at peak performance. Whether these changes stem from responding to changes at or sponsoring agencies, or resolving issues that arise as users are preparing proposals for specific funding opportunities, the result is that PD code updates are necessary and frequent – even more frequent than our micro-patch release cycles.

Many of these updates are important enough that we believe all institutions actively using PD for electronic submission to needs to be aware of them, and install them, as soon as possible after they become available. Timely patching will avoid problems at submission deadlines. As always, we strongly encourage you to stay as up-to-date as possible with code releases to mitigate the inherent instabilities introduced by cumulative hand-patches.

A bundle is essentially a hand patch of a group of tasks. These tasks often will be pre-released as they are based on emergent information. All the tasks in each PD Alerts bundle will eventually come out in a release – generally in the next release – but sometimes later due to the timing of testing and other aspects of release management. If we know what release a given task in the bundle is being released with, that will be noted in the announcement.

Each of these patches requires time to apply and test, and we generally schedule these outside of the daily/weekly normal hand patch process. We encourage you to log your request early, and if there is a particular deadline you are focusing on that you are concerned about beyond the standard NIH cycle, certainly let us know in your request.

Institutions using PD for electronic submission to are encouraged to have more than one person subscribed to InfoEd’s PD-Alerts Listserv.

To subscribe, simply click here and then hit send. If you experience any problems with this method– you can send an email message to with “subscribe INFOED-PD-ALERTS-L” (without the quotes) in the body of the message. Subscriptions will be approved for clients using PD.

To learn more about InfoEd’s PD module, electronic submission, or the PD Alerts listserv and PD code bundles, contact Roger Wood, Sr. Product Manager, at

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