Philanthropy Shapes Society And Culture

Pro Bono Australia recent showcased Australia’s Top 50 Philanthropic Gifts of All Time.

It was a celebration of Australia’s most significant philanthropic achievements from the 1800’s until today. The list made interesting reading as most of those recorded played substantial roles in helping to shape Australian society and culture. Areas such as the arts, environment, health, housing, science and education were all aided by significant philanthropic gifts.

Some of the notable projects funded by the gifts included the Parkes Telescope, the Miles Franklin Literary Award and the establishment and launch of the Heart Foundation of Australia. A £5 5 shillings gift in 1926 led to the formation of The Fryer Memorial Library of Australian Literature.

The project aimed to inspire more Australians to give and support the projects they are passionate about.

Late in 2013, mining billionaire Andrew Forrest made one of the biggest single philanthropic donations in Australian history, contributing $65 million to higher education in Western Australia. The money will be used to establish a scholarship foundation for Western Australia’s five universities, as well as building a new residential college at the University of Western Australia.

Mr Forrest intends for the money to attract some of the best scholars in the world to Western Australian universities.

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