NIH Seeks Ideas to Maximize Research Impact

Seeking input to improve research impact, NIH published Notice NOT-OD-15-084 this week. With input from the community on its funding policies, NIH hopes to improve the impact and sustainability of the NIH-funded biomedical research enterprise.

We invite comments on any or all of the following areas:

1.  Key issues that currently limit the impact of NIH’s funding for biomedical research and challenge the sustainability of the biomedical research enterprise. We welcome responses that explain why these issues are of high importance.
2.  Ideas about adjusting current funding policies to ensure both continued impact and sustainability of the NIH-supported research enterprise.  We welcome responses that point to specific strengths or weaknesses in current policies and suggest how we can build on or improve them.
3.  Ideas for new policies, strategies, and other approaches that would increase the impact and sustainability of NIH-funded biomedical research.
4.  Any other issues that respondents feel are relevant.

Responses are being accepted through May 17, 2015 and must be submitted electronically via this web page:

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