New Courses Added to InfoEd University

The Second Release of InfoEd University has arrived with new courses on the Human Subjects and Lab Animals modules.

This second release for InfoEd University includes 11 new courses, providing all InfoEd users, from investigators to module administrators, valuable insight into the use of the Human Subjects and Lab Animals modules. Rigorously reviewed for accuracy by InfoEd senior product managers, these courses represent a compilation of best practices that will serve your institution well into the future.

Much like the Grants and eForms courses, the Human Subjects and Lab Animals courses will take advantage of software simulations to engage and interact with users in a way that allows them to truly learn how to use InfoEd most efficiently and effectively.

In addition, a new course on Batch Communications is now available! This course educates users on how to create, setup, and run Batch Communications, which can be used across several InfoEd modules.

And coming in the not so distant future, the InfoEd University team will launch new Version 13 eForms Tool and Grants Budgeting model courses. Designed to help ease the transition for users hoping to make use of these new tools, these courses will help ensure users stay up to date on the latest and greatest enhancements provided by InfoEd!

Learn More about InfoEd University and the new Second Release Courses.

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