NC3Rs Maths Study Group Applying mathematics to 3Rs problems

NC3Rs Maths Study Group Applying mathematics to 3Rs problems – 15-18 April 2013 – Central London

Mathematical modelling has the potential to solve biological questions, provide new insights which benefit science and medicine, and reduce reliance on animal models.

Submit a problem to the NC3Rs Maths Study Group for the opportunity to work with mathematicians in addressing your research questions.  In partnership with the EPSRC-funded Mathematics in Medicine Study Group we are organising a workshop to connect mathematicians and biologists with the aim of solving problems or questions which if addressed could help to replace or reduce the use of animals.  The workshop spans four days; problems are presented to mathematicians on the first day with the rest of the meeting spent brainstorming ideas and ways of mathematically modelling the problem in order to gain new understanding and insight.

Problem Submission:

If you are interested in participating in the Study Group please submit a proposal describing your biological problem by 14 January 2013. Proposals should be no longer than two A4 pages and should include:

 A brief background to the problem

  • Details of the problem
  • Any available data for informing possible mathematical models
  • Questions you would like to see answered
  • The potential impact on animal use
  • Any relevant references

Proposals for problems for the Study Group to consider at the workshop should be submitted to the NC3Rs at

For further information about the Study Group visit or contact Anthony Holmes:

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