It’s Time for a Change

On October 24, InfoEd will undergo a change that’s been in the works now for, well, twenty years. I say “twenty years” because it is the path we’ve traveled that has brought us to this place.

Sure, we didn’t specifically know twenty years ago that InfoEd would someday be a leader in eRA Solutions. We didn’t know back then that we’d have 22 specific research administration solutions hard at work at many of the world’s best research universities and institutions. The 1992 business plan (did we have a business plan?) didn’t specifically say, “In 2011, we will become InfoEd Global!”

But we did have a mission. And that mission was to be the best choice for Principal Investigators and Research Administrators looking to reduce costs, and improve the efficiency of their administrative activities. Further, we knew that the way we would do it was by understanding Research Administration first, then shaping the technology to fit. We knew it would come from applying industry expertise and knowledge.

Over those 20 years the mission hasn’t changed – but the face of InfoEd has.

InfoEd has for a long time been synonymous with funding opportunities and complete grants management. In the United States, InfoEd has long been recognized as a major provider of fully integrated eRA Solutions that support full research lifecycle management.

Now, with significant successes abroad, InfoEd is positioned not only as a prominent player in key international markets, but has become a market leader in a growing list of countries across the globe.

InfoEd Global, and our new branding and corporate messaging, is appropriately reflective of our current standing among many international institutions, governments, and research foundations. It also supports our vision: To be the Leader in eRA Software, Services and Education worldwide.

I am personally very proud of what we have accomplished. The team at InfoEd is also exceptionally proud. Moreover, we recognize that it is through you, our clients, colleagues, partners, and friends, that we have grown and accomplished so much. For that, I thank you!

We are not slowing down and our mission continues. The name “InfoEd,” as it has evolved in the minds of our clients, has come to represent our full Suite of products – The InfoEd eRA Solution. So be it. “InfoEd” is our software. InfoEd International, Inc. is still our legal name. (The attorneys made me say that). Nothing has changed. But in recognition of the global growth you have helped us to achieve, we have adopted and will be doing business as InfoEd Global.

We hope you like the changes that you’ll see in our public face, at conferences, on the web, and in time, throughout the Solutions themselves. And we look forward to the many exciting changes, advances, and improvements we’ve planned over the years to come.

Introducing, InfoEd Global!  Advancing Research!

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