InfoEdge: A Message from the Editor

In the past few months you may have noticed some changes to the look, organization, and content of your InfoEdge monthly newsletter. My goal at the InfoEdge is to provide information that is relevant, useful, as well as entertaining. Hopefully those changes have been welcomed.

In addition to a more pictorial presentation, the new format will allow you to go back into past months’ publications and review articles and stories that you may have found helpful, without having to save or scan your personal email. The “InfoEdge Archives” contain all articles dating back to January of 2011. We intend to add still older months as we can in the future.

There is a new section called “From the Experts.” Articles in this section have been reorganized based on groups of InfoEd key eResearch Administration disciplines – Grants and Contracts (Including SPIN), Research Compliance (which includes Human Studies, Animal Ethics, Environmental Safety, and Conflict of Interest), Clinical Trials, Animal Facilities, Research Outputs, and Technology Transfer.

You may have noticed articles that are relevant to specific InfoEd modules or services have been tagged with product abbreviations and full subject names (for example, “PD” and “Proposal Development”). By typing these abbreviations or phrases into the “Search” field, you can very easily find all articles relevant to your specific area of interest.

So that you may easily pass on any information you feel might be useful and important to others at your institution or university, the InfoEdge now has a “sharing” feature associated with each article.

Lastly, I’d appreciate your feedback. I really want to know what you want to know more about. Whether it’s to make a suggestion or to provide a comment about something you’ve read, the new “Comment” field will allow you to provide feedback directly to the InfoEdge. These are not public comments and they won’t be posted, but I’ll read and respond every one!

You are bombarded with information these days – I know. That is why I so greatly appreciate those of you who have made the InfoEdge part of your monthly intake.

You can view the InfoEdge at any time at

Jayme McRee, Director of Marketing

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