InfoEd University – The Path to Stress Free Research Administration Education

You can create the best-looking, most well-written eLearning lesson anyone has ever seen. But for the lesson to be effective, one of the most important things to keep in mind is that more does not mean better.” – Kevin Siegel from iconlogic

Research Administration rules and practices, and by extension, the software designed to facilitate those practices, can be a bit complex.  Even experienced Research Administrators can find eRA tools to be challenging sometimes. For those new to Research Administration, the combination of new roles and new tools is simply overwhelming. Often, the volume of information a new Admin is expected to absorb, digest, and commit to both memory and practice, can lead to frustration.

Data shows that when frustration is high during the learning process, the learners’ ability to process and retain information is diminished. This leads to even greater frustration – a vicious cycle. Further, it is often cited that the single largest contributor to learner retention, or lack of retention, is the method of delivery – the instructor!

InfoEd University was specifically designed to address these critical issues. InfoEd University courses engage adult learners to absorb foundational knowledge quickly, and then build on that knowledge to make complex subjects easier to grasp and retain.

Leveraging proven best-practices that help facilitate retention, the content and delivery of InfoEd instructional content allows learners, both new and experienced, to adjust and learn at their own pace.  The style of delivery is consistent with proven online adult learning techniques, is clear and concise, and is logically structured.

The result is reduced stress, faster education, and greater productivity and self-reliance.

Watch the quick introduction video below to learn more about InfoEd University, and feel free to contact us anytime.

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