InfoEd Technical Documents and Updates in ITEMS

There are several InfoEd technical documents posted in ITEMS and available through the Client Portal. To view the most recent documentation, log into the ITEMS Client Portal, click Release, then select the document icon in the 12.802.01 row.

The InfoEd System Requirements lists the supported platforms for InfoEd and can be found in the ITEMS client portal.

Some of the more popular technical documents available in the ITEMS Client Portal include:

InfoEd System Requirements June 2011 which lists the InfoEd supported versions for:

  • Oracle databases
  • Web browsers
  • Operating systems
  • Microsoft SQL Server

InfoEd System Administrators Guide which details the following areas, and more:

  • S2S SSL Cert install / renewal
  • Configuring the website to use SSL (https://)
  • Connection string locations
  • Application Pool setups

InfoEd Install Office 2007 that describes how to Install Office 2007 for InfoEd app servers.

InfoEd Performance Issues Checklist details recommended configurations for optimal performance.

InfoEd Server Validation Checklist lists all the system configurations required for system function, and successful upgrades.

Additionally, updated Versions of Oracle are now supported for use with InfoEd:

  • Oracle 11g R2 ( – InfoEd version x.802.06 and higher required
  • Oracle 10g (

For more information or for assistance locating this information, Contact InfoEd Technical Support.

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