InfoEd support for NIH Adobe-B2 Application Forms

NIH has begun phasing in a new set of forms for electronic submission – “ADOBE-FORMS-B2”. The first application deadline requiring use of these “B2” forms is in early September, although applications based on the parent opportunities (R01, R03, etc.) can continue to use the prior forms for deadlines on or before January 7, 2012.

The technical changes required in InfoEd’s PD system in version 12 code were relatively minor and a patch is available to support these new forms. Notice of that patch availability was previously published on the InfoEd-PD-Alerts listserv. A description of the PD-Alerts listserv and subscription instructions is available in a prior InfoEdge article . A patch is not yet ready for release for older versions of PD. Questions should be directed to InfoEd Support.

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