IEU Improvements: Style and Substance

At InfoEd University we approach the design of our courses from a user-centric perspective.  From our step-by-step software simulations, to our interactive assessments, our courses closely mirror the actual InfoEd user experience.

Practice quizzes and graded exams give users feedback and help them gauge their level of understanding.  We believe this feedback is a cornerstone of the E-learning experience.  As such we have fully redesigned all of our quizzes and exams.  This overhaul isn’t just cosmetic, but includes new question types and improved feedback!

The new look is not just limited to the Quizzes and Exams.  All of our courses are sporting a new interface, designed to be bold yet unobtrusive, allowing the user to enhance their focus on the course materials.

Here at InfoEd University, we are eager to share our expertise with the Research Administration community and do our part in advancing their noble efforts.  Our user-centric E-Learning experience is a field-tested and proven method of delivering challenging material to a professional audience.

We invite you to contact us at any time.  Let us show you what we can accomplish, together.

“The next big killer application on the internet is going to be education. Education over the internet is going to be so big it is going to make e-mail usage look like a rounding error.”
John Chambers, CEO
Cisco Systems


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