January ICAG Announcements: Upcoming Town Hall Meeting, Webinar Series, UGM Participants, and the Who Has What Survey

UPCOMING: Town Hall Meeting: January 24th (2:00 – 3:00 PM EST).

Watch your inbox for registration information next week!

You won’t want to miss the next Town Hall meeting! These Town Halls are always a great place to speak to the product managers at InfoEd as well as a place to provide your feedback, real time, to the product experts as well as your colleagues across the country. The tentative schedule includes:
V13 Update
• New budget
• New look for compliance

eForms Plus



Webinar Series 2015

The ICAG Steering Committee is working with InfoEd in developing a webinar schedule for the coming months and we are looking to you, as a member of the InfoEd eRA user community, for topics of interest. Our most recent webinar was held on January 10th and was titled Electronic Submission Proposals to US Federal Agencies other than NIH.  What are the issues you would like to see addressed by the staff at InfoEd and power users in our wider eRA community?

Send us your ideas on what you would like to talk about. Of course, as always, there will be a lively and informative forum open to any topic.

Here is what you can do to help drive the schedule for webinars and the agenda for the Town Hall: simply email ICAGST@infoedglobal.com with your ideas and we will try to incorporate them into one of the venues.

REMEMBER – The key to ICAG success is your participation.

We look forward to your topics of interest for upcoming webinars so be sure to send an email to ICAGST@infoedglobal.com with your ideas.



UPCOMING: UGM – We Want Your Participation!

Before you know it, we’ll be gathering in sunny Florida for the User Group Meeting. The ICAG Steering Committee is already working with InfoEd on the agenda. This year, we will be hosting “Stump the Band” sessions where expert users from the eRA user community who have faced many of the same issues will be available to trouble-shoot and advise on your real problems. We will have computers set up for users to access their own systems, so that participants in the session can walk through the screens with our eRA user community experts, along with InfoEd product managers, and suggest real world solutions. Possible topics for the sessions include routing, batch communications, and e-Forms, but we welcome other suggestions particularly from users who are looking at implementing new modules or features for the first time.

We are also looking for expert users to work with the InfoEd team to lead the sessions. We anticipate that these sessions will include lots of dialogue and questions, and should be interesting and informative for all involved.

Please write to ICAGST@infoedglobal.com to suggest a topic and/or volunteer to lead a session. We would appreciate your feedback by the end of January.



UPCOMING: The “Who Has What Survey”

Your ICAG Steering Committee is requesting a few minutes of your time to complete the “Who Has What” survey used to gather the latest information about institutions that have implemented and/or institutions that are implementing InfoEd modules. The survey results will be posted in the ICAG forum. To participate in the survey, please go to: ICAG “Who Has What” Survey

The survey is open through January 31st.



Thank you,
Your ICAG Steering Committee Co-Chairs:

Carol Tycko and Bob O’Malley

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