When an email is sent from an issue, whether it is from InfoEd or the client, there will now be an envelope icon that shows within the issue. Clicking on this icon will allow the user to view the entire email if it is cut off in the issue (as the system only displays a certain amount of the email, depending on the length), and will allow the user to see who the email went to. Also, in the Screenshots section of the issue, there is now a date column to show when the attachment was uploaded. With this change, the attachments will now be displayed with the newest at the top to make it easier to see what the latest attachment is for each issue.

Additional information about these changes, including screenshots, can be found in the I.T.E.M.S. Updates section within your client portal.

If you have any questions about I.T.E.M.S. please contact the support team at support@infoed.org

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