How Things are Looking – A Pictorial Journey through InfoEd

Each year, right around the User Group Meeting, I look back to see how far we have come and what has changed since the prior year. In the presence of InfoEd’s 20-Year anniversary, I decided to look back a little farther – all the way back to 1999. Oh how we’ve grown! And nothing speaks so loudly about the wonderful changes we’ve experienced as pictures. So join me now on a little pictorial journey through the years of InfoEd…

[portfolio_slideshow id=712]

It’s exciting to see the world changing around us at so many levels. As you can see, a lot has changed over the years at InfoEd too. And if you knew what I knew, you’d say this is nothing compared to what’s in store for the future. The blueprints are on the wall, designs are unfolding, and in 2012, InfoEd will unleash not just the next generation of InfoEd products, but a new beginning for eResearch Administration.

Yes, it has been a great trip and we have many exciting things on the horizon. I look forward to continuing the journey with everyone!

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