Helpful Hints When Creating a Screenshot for an I.T.E.M.S. Issue

Oftentimes, once a client has opened an I.T.E.M.S. issue, we will identify as we are triaging the issue that we do not have enough information to run with to facilitate a resolution. For a significant proportion of the time what we will need is a screenshot, if one has not been provided or if a screenshot has been provided we may need an enhanced version screenshot. In an effort to ensure that we are able to swiftly process and address issues, we thought it might be helpful to provide some tips for creating the screenshot:

  • When creating your screenshot, please try to include all screens visited when you experience the issue. This helps our intake Product Engineers ensure that they are looking at the exact same thing you are, in the order you are.
  • If you are experiencing an error message, try to expand the error message window to display the entire message. This helps our Development team pinpoint exactly where the issue is occurring in our code.
  • Use text boxes and arrows where you can to call out the actions you are performing on screen, what data you are entering, or to call out the distinct issue you are reporting. This is helpful all around in diagnosing the steps you took to reproduce the issue as well as providing clarification on the issue you are reporting.

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