Get to Know SAM!

SAM – the System for Award Management – is a new US Governments new website scheduled to go live on May 29th at If you are a research administrator, you should care.

Going online in phases, SAM will consolidate a number of existing systems including CCR (Central Contractor Registration), EPLS (Excluded Parties Listing System), CFDA (Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance) and several others into a single coordinated operation. The first phase begins May 23rd and includes CCR, ORCA (Online Representations and Certifications Application), and EPLS.

To effect the transition, the CCR will not be available for new registrations as of May 23rd. SAM is where you will go to register an institution or update a registration after May 29th. has posted specific guidance related to the CCR transition and registration for proposal submission on their blog.

Further information on SAM and the remaining transitions is available on the SAM website.

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