General Purpose Communication

At times, InfoEd administrators may want to share information with all or a large number of users.  Rather than using the specific-user targeting features of Batch Communications or Workflow assignments, those administrators may want to use one of InfoEd’s general-purpose communication channels.

First, a Support page can be defined.  Access to this page is via a blue “i” icon on the home page.  The Support page can be used to house Frequently Asked Questions, contact personnel for various purposes, links to guides, etc.  Since the actual page is developed by the client, its content is completely flexible.

To turn on the Support page, navigate to Organizational Admin> Misc Setups> System Support Options, and enter a valid URL.  Once that is done, the “i” icon will be activated.

A second communication channel is via Administrative Notes.  Admin Notes can be defined with an importance of either of high or normal.  The title of notes of both levels will be shown on the home page in a new section, to the left.  Clicking on the title will open up a window to show any further information, if any.

Notes of high importance are shown in red to emphasize this importance.  In addition, high importance notes also scroll across the top of the screen; mousing over the scrolling title will pause it so that it can be clicked (opened) to see any detail.

To define Administrative Notes, navigate to Organizational Admin> Administrative Notes.  Here you can set importance Œ(1), enter a starting and ending date/time (especially useful so that scrolling high importance notes only appear when they need to; this will decrease the likelihood that users will grow accustomed to them and start to ignore them) (2), and enter a title and optional body (3)Ž.  Note here and in the previous screenshots that HTML tags are supported.

Once defined, make sure that the lightbulb icon (4) is “on.”  If off (grayed out), the note is inactive. You can have as many normal notes active as desired, but only one high importance note can be active at one time.  Clicking a second one will automatically turn off the current one.

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