Enhancing Productivity of Federally Sponsored Research – Update

The Research Business Models Working Group’s A21 Task Force has published comments related to its data gathering exercise focused on collecting input into ways the federal government could reduce the cost and burden of compliance requirements on recipients of federal grants and contracts while maintaining good stewardship of Federal funds.

Approximately 150 comments were received during the information gathering exercise, including official responses by COGR and AAU/APLU. Effort reporting topped the list with 57% of commenters identifying it as an area of opportunity for streamlining.  In order of number of comments received, the priority was:

  • Effort Reporting
  • F&A Rates
  • Administrative and Project Management Support
  • Cost Sharing
  • Audits / Monitoring
  • Regulations and Reporting
  • UCA
  • Definition of Equipment
  • Other

According to Sally Rockey, the task force considered this input and is preparing its recommendations for actions to the reduce administrative burden, enhance the productivity of researchers, and streamline federal requirements, while maintaining sound stewardship of federally sponsored projects awarded to institutions of higher education.

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