Enclosure Cards in InfoEd AFM

Enclosure cards are used to identify the enclosure inhabitants, as well as any other pertinent information regarding their numbers, gender, care, or anything else that may be important to their health, well-being, or experimental use.

The InfoEd Animal Facilities Management (AFM) module can produce Enclosure cards that reflect an enclosure’s contents on an enclosure-by-enclosure basis.  Once animals are checked into the system, cards specific to each enclosure can be generated and printed.  The sizing, font, and layout of the card can all be configured, as can labels which will identify certain merge fields that are brought into the enclosure card design.

The enclosure cards setups are found under Module Admin > Enclosure Card Configure.  Currently, there are 35 protocol-specific fields can be displayed on an enclosure card.  They can be diverse as account information, animal specific information, location at the building/room level, and can also include a barcode for tracking.

Additionally, comments entered against each individual enclosure can be displayed.  New cards can be printed at any time, so real time information can be displayed as soon as it is entered into the system and printed.  Enclosure cards can be printed on any size/color paper, which is useful to denote exceptions to normal housing, such as an enclosure with a sick or recovering animal, or a special diet needed.

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