Electronic Submission Pilot for NIH Type 6 and Type 7 Applications

NIH published guidelines and procedures (and also Grants.gov packages) for submitting Successor-in-Interest (Type 6) and Change of Grantee Institution (Type 7) applications electronically.

    •    Notice of Pilot for Processing Post-Award Changes in Grantee Organizational Status: Successor-in-Interest (NOT-OD-12-133)
    •    Notice of Pilot Processes for Post-Award Change of Grantee Organization Applications to NIH (NOT-OD-12-134)

Traditional methods for requesting such changes can be continued during this pilot at the institution’s discretion. NOT-OD-12-132, also published today, provides guidance on submitting post-award relinquishing statements electronically via the NIH Commons. Relinquishing statements may not be submitted via Grants.gov. The goal of this pilot is to move processing of Type 6 and Type 7 applications from paper to electronic procedures.

Institutions using system-to-system solutions, such as InfoEd Proposal Development, may use those systems to submit Type 6 or Type 7 applications via Grants.gov. A few key things to note are listed below:

  • A single Opportunity has been posted for all Type 6 applications (PA-12-269)
  • A single Opportunity has been posted for all Type 7 applications (PA-12-270)
  • Each of these opportunities, when viewed at Grants.gov has several packages associated with it. Each package is designed to be used with a different activity code (mechanism) or group of activity codes, as indicated in the Competition Title column of data on the Grants.gov opportunity download page.
  • Even if the original application was submitted with a modular budget, the Type 6 or Type 7 application package must be submitted using a detailed budget (SF424 RR)
  • Grantees are encouraged to contact the Awarding IC prior to submission.

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