Effective Handling of NIH Modular Budgets in PD/PT

Building an NIH Modular budget in InfoEd/PD begins with a detailed budget. Then, those details are “massaged” into direct cost “modules” of $25,000 each. Thus, the budget is essentially “padded” (with positive or negative amounts) in each year. On the PD Modular Budget tab, this transformation is documented in the top section as the “gap”; the “gap” is the value of the “padding” required for each period in order to massage the detailed directs into $25,000 modules. When the setup in PPA Admin > Misc. Setups > Display Options > PT Handling of PD Modular Budgets is configured and enabled, on pushing budget data to PT, InfoEd creates a “modular budget balancing transaction” – a non-personnel cost item in the PT detailed budget in the amount of the “gap” that allows the PT budget to be fully balanced and represent the full modular costs requested of the sponsor.

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