Dissemination of Funding Opportunity Details

Information dissemination, public awareness, or communication… these are all concepts that every organization struggles with, large or small. Some do it better than others, but some have more resources at their disposal than others. One area that this is important to ensure your policies are effective in is how your faculty and other members of the institution are notified of available and relevant funding opportunities. Of course, this isn’t an area that you are alone in, and we are looking to make SPIN better at assisting you with this.

There are, however, so many different ways to share or send information, and so many variables at different institutions. Some are centralized enough that an electronic billboard sign would be an effective means of communication, while others may not see the value in having their own business cards. Some institutions have tech savvy resources at their disposal, while others would need a lot of assistance in setting up a creative and elegant solution based on web services.

Seeing how InfoEd Global aims to serve the entire spectrum of institutions, it is our responsibility to best understand how we can help you meet your needs. In relatively short order there will be an official launch of a new platform for SPIN that we intend on carrying the product forward for a number of years. We have included several tools to assist you in finding and sharing information, and have a few more planned already. While a large portion of the functionality being provided will be based on user feedback, we are always interested in finding out which pieces people think will be most useful, given the wide array of use cases that need to be met. And, it is always useful to read your comments on topics that lend themselves to a wide array of replies.

For this purpose, I have put together another short survey. It is only six questions, and the last one is entirely optional. Please take a few minutes and answer the questions found here. I look forward to reading your replies, and hopefully discussing them with some of you.

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