Clarification of Position Statements on Implementation of the Guide

OLAW has updated the original (December 2011) Position Statements on the 8th Guide for the Care and Use of Laboratory Animals, following an analysis of the public’s comments on their understanding of the Position Statements. In response to those comments, OLAW clarified Position Statements: 1) Cost, 2) Housing, 2a) Nonhuman Primate Housing, 2c) Rodent Housing, and 3) Non-Pharmaceutical-Grade Substances. For a summary of changes, see the May 2012 Update Summary. For reference, an archive of the original version is available for download at December 2011 Position Statements. Clarification was also added to the related OLAW FAQs: G11, F16, F14, F10, and F4.

The revised positions statements can be found on the OLAW website (and here).

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