I hope everyone is getting ready for this years’ UGM. We have a number of great things in the works and I am excited to be able to show everyone not only what we have done but also our plans for the coming year.

Recently, we have experienced some growing pains on the support side of InfoEd Global.  I have been able to reach out to many of you for your feedback on support, and as a result, we are implementing some changes that we are quite excited about.

We are now supporting more users than ever before.  In response, we have added more people and are refining our support processes to more proactively handle issues and requests.  This will also allow for even more resources to be made available for ENABLE projects as well.

Our new processes align more closely with industry standards.  Due to limited resources, these standards were difficult to implement previously.  As we are now turning the corner from a small to medium sized company, we have additional resources that allow us to specialize more on functional areas and processes – removing the multiple-goal positions and allowing people to focus and specialize in a concentrated area.

In the next few months, you should begin to see some overdue changes in the turn-around time of your issues, as well as over all responsiveness on the support side with respect to through-put.

Thank you to everyone who gave their comments on our current processes and to everyone for your patience as we work through this.

I look forward to seeing everyone at the UGM in a few short months. Hopefully, you will be able to report that things are moving in a positive direction on the support side.


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