Browser Support

Reviewing browser compatibility with our software suite is a significant part of our release testing process. Browser versions change, hopefully for the better, and we need to ensure that our software works seamlessly in the latest editions.

Here are changes to the supported and non-supported browsers/browser version list with the release of 803.02:

  • Supported:
    • Internet Explorer 9
    • Mozilla FireFox 9 through 13
    • Mozilla FireFox 10.0.5esr
  • Non-supported:
    • Internet Explorer 7**
    • Safari for Windows
    • Mozilla FireFox 3.6 through 8

The complete list of supported browsers is included in the System Requirements document, which can be accessed in ITEMS under the Releases tab.

** As new technologies are adapted into InfoEd, it is challenging to also maintain complete compatibility with Internet Explorer 7.  With InfoEd x.803.02 and future software versions there may be issues where Internet Explorer 7 does not correctly display the visual styling of some newer pages.  The areas affected by this are mainly display differences and  some newer functionality. However, there will still be the same usability with IE7 as you have now. In most cases, things that used to work in InfoEd will continue to work. We will do our best to call out these areas as we come across them.

*** This change in support only affects releases starting with 803.02 and any future releases.  Earlier releases follow the browser support available at the time of the respective release.

**** We have been testing on Google Chrome for Windows and Mac OS.  We anticipate Chrome being added to the list of supported browsers with the release of 803.03.

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