Batch Communications Tip

Have you ever created a new Batch Communication template and just feel that it is not producing the results you are looking for?

If you have, then this tip is for you! When you create a batch communication, you are basically creating a report that will have a different output format. The fields that you select in the batch communication setup are the same fields that you would select in the reporting tool. So, if you create a batch communication and you are having trouble with the fields pulling in the correct data once they are placed in the template, or the template is not building when you try to use it from within a record, then you should create a report. For the report, you would include all of the same fields and then you would take your fields you are using for your filter (if there are any) and use them as your query. Once you have all this in place, you can then run the report and see if you receive the results that you are expecting. If you do, then the problem with the batch communication can be with the configuration of it or the information that is trying to be pulled in. If you do not get the results you are expecting then the problem can be with the record you are trying to pull back, depending on how your filters or query are set. This additional test will give you the information that is needed to either help you adjust the batch communication accordingly, or provide additional information in I.T.E.M.S. that will help in resolution of your issue.

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