Attention: Please Forward to the Pencil Pushers!

We could really use your help. Back in April, InfoEd moved into a beautiful new facility. I asked then for a couple housekeeping items, but we still have a few stragglers. If you’re reading this and you know who pushes the pencils around your office, please use this “Tell a friend” feature to send them this information. They’ll be glad you did…

InfoEd Address Change:

The USPS is helping us out with incoming mail addressed to our old location, but it delays the delivery, and I think they’re getting grumpy. Here is our new address:



InfoEd International
5 Washington Square
Suite 2
Albany, NY 12205-5512

If you require a revised W-9 I will gladly send you a copy. Please use the link below.

Changes to the InfoEd Remittance Policy

All payments to InfoEd must be made via electronic funds transfer to our bank (banking information is below), and in the currency that is outlined in your contract.  If your institution is not equipped to make an international wire, then your check needs to come in $USD (United States Dollars).

Another important change to our Remittance Policy is that InfoEd is no longer accepting checks in non-US currency.

In past, less expensive and less bank-burdensome times, InfoEd accepted checks in currencies other than US Dollars and from overseas accounts without issue. However, excessive and ever-increasing bank charges, and the length of time it takes to collect on these non-US-based checks, have necessitated that InfoEd alter this policy.

Bank Name: M&T Bank
Address: Clifton Park branch, 610 Old Route 146, Clifton Park, NY 12065-USA
Phone: 001-518-348-1430
Acct. Name: InfoEd International, Inc.
Acct.#: 8891548573
ABA#: 022000046


Please be aware that if you send your check to InfoEd in any currency other than US Dollars it will be returned. Returned checks can affect your account which could impact maintenance requests and support contracts that are due to expire.

I’m happy to help if you need clarification on this policy or if want to learn more about alternate payment methods. Contact Michael Greenfield

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