802.04 Micropatch Release

InfoEd is pleased to announce the release of the 802.04 Micropatch. To request an upgrade please submit a request via https://items.infoed.org.

The 802.04 manifest is available at https://items.infoed.org. It can be found from the Items Client Portal page, click on the Releases tab, click on the icon for Manifest or Documents in the associated version row (12.802.04 or 11.802.04). The Known Issue List is in progress and should be completed by next week and once it is available will appear in the Documents area and is titled InfoEd_802.04_Known Issues List.pdf.

In the 802.04 release, there are 440 tasks covering enhancements and critical bug fixes for nearly every module but there was a heavy focus on Proposal Development (B1s), Proposal Tracking, Enterprise (Routing), Clinical Trials, Conflict of Interest, and Compliance.

Please note 802.04 is only available for Version 12 (12.802.04) and Version 11 (11.802.04).

The 802 patch will not be available for Version 9 due to the end of Version 9 support in the near future. Clients on Version 9 are encouraged to install 12.802.04 to ensure a supported version of InfoEd software is in place when Version 9 rolls off of support.

If you have any questions about the release, please contact Nacole Simonds at nsimonds@infoed.org

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